I am a sculptor from the suburbs of Chiacgo, Illinois. I moved to Virginia to attend the University of Virginia, studying Mechanical Engineering and Studio Art. While in Virginia, I worked as a docent at the Fralin Museum of Art where I learned about visual storytelling and curation. After graduation, I moved to Boston to study Graduate Mechanical Engineering at Boston University. Now, I am currently enrolled as a second year MFA student in the 3D Fine Arts program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Engineering has played a critical role in my arts education and it permeates almost every aspect of my art-making process, though never becoming the focus.

My work often pays attention to mechanical concepts such as structural load distribution, elastics, and tension. I am also interested in natural temporal processes; works like Flare Membrane and my collaboration with muralist Michael Aghahowa, borderline, utilize the oxidation of metals. Blue Tower is a piece that only lasts as long as the latex gloves stay inflated. I find that my work tends to resonate with feelings of detachment due to the somewhat surgical use of simple geometries alongside the lack of direct human presence. This absence is made more notable by references to the body or de-identification of the body: the removal of a head in Bad Bones and empty armor/detached hands in recent work.

At this moment, I am reflecting on my time in Boston over the last three years. This time has been largely marked by financial anxieties, the global pandemic, and struggles with mental illness. But also, a drive to establish myself and my future. I am interested in further addressing feelings of detachment from these more personal angles in my work using the concepts I have learned from past projects.